University of Phoenix ACC 225 - ACC 225 Week 7 DQ 1


Megagrocer is a grocery chain that operates five stores. The stores are supplied with produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods by six separate vendors. In addition to the stores, Megagrocer maintains an ecommerce site through which customers can order and pay for groceries. The groceries are packed and delivered to customers from one of the five stores in a Megagrocer van by that store’s personnel. Think about the accounting information systems that Megagrocer might use.

• What types of source documents might be collected by Megagrocer to be processed by its accounting information systems?

• Why are those documents important?

Some of the very basic and common source documents that might be collected and their importance are

1. The purchase orders from Megagrocer issued to its six vendors. The purchase order will serve as a prove to the details of Megagrocer’s order
2. The delivery docket from its wholesaler to prove that their shipment was received
3. Invoice from the vendor as a record of purchasing and inventory


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